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I have just been to meet mumsgomiaow for lunch. Upon stepping into the Melton Mowbray on High Holborn, my mum started HUGGING random ppl in the pub! WFT is going on here, I thought, until it transpired that said random ppl were in fact old Family Friends... long story short, I have had THREE pints of tasty b33r (mother and I repaired to Ye Olde Mitre Tavern off of Hatton Garden after the first 2 pints, I recommend this pub on account of a) being UP A SCARY ALLEY, b) having lovely Deuchars num num and c) having a lovely doggie called GEORGE awww there is a sign saying BEWARE OV THEE DOGGE but he's WUVVLY and licked my hand!)

I are p1ssed. *hic*
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