Eliminate Avoidable Churn (katstevens) wrote in omgeleven,
Eliminate Avoidable Churn

Glade Quotes

This seems like the most appropriate place for this!

marnameow: "I wanted to slap Fanny!"
catsgomiaow & katstevens: "It's gotta be SQUID!"
catsgomiaow: "It's a SIGN Lewis!"
marnameow: "Has anyone tried HUMAN cheese?"
boyofbadgers: "Barbara Cartland Milk Explosion!"
marnameow: "Leonard Cohen is NOT miserable!"
bluedevi: "Qoth the ravers - NEVERMORE!"
dogrando: "They're Controlling Events! It's disturbing me!"
Random Girl in the chillout tent: [talking on the phone] "I'm easy to find, I'm dressed as She-Ra."
katstevens: "I love techno, best of all the electronic music."
katstevens: "I have to tell everyone about my Grand Unified Theory of Italian Piano House! ANYWAY..."
boyofbadgers: "The moon has gone all smeary!"
marnameow: "Earl Grey, 1729-1807, Arrr Oiii TEA!"
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